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Speaker Milton Anthony

Speaker Milton Anthony faces adversity every day. Dealing with his own disabilities for over 35 years, has given him insight, knowledge, and experience to be a powerful motivational speaker, rehabilitation consultant, and adversity trainer.

Whether speaking to an audience or talking with an individual, his life story moves people. Milton offers his services as a; motivational speaker, rehab consultant for disability-related issues, for individuals, audiences, rehabilitation centers and other venues.

In 1982, Milton was left with permanent disabilities after being involved in an explosion. Three and a half weeks later, he regained consciousness in the hospital. His world was changed forever, for most people it would have been "the end of the line."

Milton's Story

As a result of the explosion, Milton is totally blind with ocular prosthetics and is severely hearing-impaired. His left leg is amputated above the knee and left arm is amputated below the elbow along with all the fingers on his right hand. He knew he should have died but was alive for a reason. During his mental, physical, and spiritual rehabilitation, he came to realize why.

Milton never gave up even when the doctors told him he was "beyond rehabilitation." He never graduated high school but now he had a reason to learn. To help others. Since his injury, he has earned his GED, a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, and a Master's Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling. He now is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Motivational Speaker.

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Milton is a motivational speaker who has overcome adversity. not only to help himself, but to help others. He understands depression and overwhelming loss. He can relate to those with PTSD and physical disabilities.

Milton has four videos posted and is working on making new videos to post. Please check back frequently for inspirational messages from a man who has been to hell and back, and lived to tell the story.

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"It's not whether you get knocked down, it's whether you get up."

~ Vince Lombardi
Comments from West Virginia Division of Rehabilitation Services 2010 State Conference

“Loved it!”
“Great speaker-great humor!”
“Real inspiring story!”
“Excellent Speaker!”
“Very motivating speaker.”

“Very impressive speaker.”
“Very good story/speaker.”
“How very inspiring!”
“The best speaker/client/worker all week!!”
"Invite Mr. Anthony to all our conferences."

“Very entertaining, heartfelt and inspirational! Awesome verve!”
“The presenter was very interesting. It was good to have him speak from a client’s perspective.”
“One of the most inspiring speakers I have ever had the pleasure to listen to.”